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Committed to delivering new and innovative products

Luciano Rossetti, MD

"With patients at the center of our efforts across the spectrum of discovery through development, our goal is to translate high-quality science into innovative medicines that bring value to people in need." 

Luciano Rossetti, MD
Executive Vice President, Global Head of Research & Development


The global organization, which includes EMD Serono, Inc., is focused on building internal expertise in research across the areas of
• Neurodegenerative Diseases
• Oncology
• Immuno-Oncology
• Endocrinology
• Autoimmune/ Inflammatory Disorders

Catherine, Associate Program Leader, Immunology

Visual Puzzle Solver

Figuring out what is a lump of coal and where there is that diamond underneath is our puzzle in early drug development. And I am a visual person, I need to move around some sticky notes to solve that puzzle.

Sometimes the data just doesn’t come through as we hoped. And that can be really crushing for a team. And that’s where we need to think of success in a different way.

Yes, success is demonstrating Proof of Concept. Yes, the big success is getting a new therapy approved. And once you’ve had that big success you want to experience it again, and again, and again.

But I really believe that success can also mean taking all the experiences, including roadblocks and challenges, and channeling that into renewed energy for our next program. Sometimes setbacks lead to the greatest advances.

Navigating those stops and starts is one of the puzzles I love solving, always focused on patients.