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We are dedicated to providing our patients with education and support services

Education & Support

We’ve developed support systems that provide patients and caregivers the necessary information to manage every aspect of their condition, from treatment adherence to navigating financial obligations.

Eduction & Support

As of 2014, we have helped about 2 million patients through all of our support services:
• MS LifeLines
• Fertility LifeLines
• connections for growth
• Axis Center


A free educational support service for people living with MS and their caregivers.

It offers treatment information, ongoing treatment support, education, reimbursement information support, and a way to connect with others living with Multiple Sclerosis.

June, Reimbursment Manager, MS LifeLines

Helping Hand Lender

We'll stay on the phone with the patient for as long as it takes. We're listening for those cues that maybe there is something else we need to do. We want to make sure that they have everything they need on their journey.

I love my job at at MS LifeLines, being able to assist people with complicated financial and insurance issues. Now, you might occasionally not be able to help someone. But at least you feel like you've done everything for that person or you gave them the resources to maybe get some additional help.

We recently reached out to a patient who was very hard of hearing. While we were speaking to her, I could tell that she was getting frustrated, because she couldn’t hear me well.  So I asked her, “Is there somebody who can help us help you?"  So we got someone else on the phone with her and we helped solve some of the issues: getting the patient a new prescription;  a new delivery address, because she couldn’t hear the door bell; and financial support.

And that's why we love going that extra mile for our patients.