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Selected Partnerships

Accelerating Innovation through Strategic Partnerships

EMD Serono employs a collaborative R&D model, forging partnerships with academic, research institutions, and biotech and pharma companies to bring new therapies to patients.
Innovation exists all around us, inside our walls with a robust R&D engine and around the ecosystem of healthcare. Roughly 50% of our pipeline has been developed through collaborations, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities that complement our portfolio.
2015: Intrexon
Collaboration with Intrexon on CAR-T cancer therapies to enhance our R&D technology portfolio in immuno-oncology

“Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany] is an ideal partner in CAR-T for us because of their long-term perspective, extraordinary character, worldwide reach and commitment to leadership in immuno-oncology. We look forward to working together to benefit patients through the creation of a leading franchise in this very promising field.”
Randal J. Kirk, Chairman and CEO of Intrexon

We signed a strategic research collaboration and license agreement to develop and commercialize the next generation of novel Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cell immunotherapies.

Stimulation of patient’s immune system T cells to efficiently recognize and attack cancer cells currently represents one of the most exciting approaches in oncology. This approach is envisioned to be highly complementary to checkpoint inhibitors aiming to improve the responsiveness of tumor cells and the tumor microenvironment towards T cells attacking the tumor.
2015: Illumina
Collaboration with Illumina strengthens our position as a leader in precision medicine in oncology

“This agreement is another step forward in realizing the promise of precision medicine. There is a clear need to expand genetically-based clinical trials as a key approach for developing better treatments for cancer.”
Richard Klausner, M.D., Illumina’s Chief Medical Officer

We signed a development and commercialization agreement on a universal next-generation sequencing-based oncology diagnostic. Together with Illumina we will develop assays that aim to detect and simultaneously measure multiple genetic variants in a single tumor sample in a clinical trial setting.

This collaboration complements our existing partnerships in the area of diagnostics, allowing us to choose from a wide variety of technologies in implementing a precision medicine strategy.
2014: Pfizer
Global strategic alliance with Pfizer on anti-PD-L1 to accelerate presence in immuno-oncology
“This global alliance enables Pfizer and Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany] to join forces and combine complementary strengths with the goal of meeting the needs of patients with multiple types of cancer. Immuno-oncology is a top priority for Pfizer. Combining this promising anti-PD-L1 antibody with Pfizer’s extensive portfolio of small molecules and antibodies provides an opportunity to potentially broaden the use of immunotherapy for patients with cancer and rapidly expand our oncology business. In addition, this alliance enables us to significantly accelerate the timeframe of our development programs and move into the first wave of potential immuno-oncology based treatment regimens.”
Albert Bourla, Group President Vaccines, Oncology and Consumer Healthcare Businesses, Pfizer
We will significantly expand the scope of the anti-PD-L1 development programs and accelerate entry into the U.S. oncology market, as well as strengthen our existing oncology business in several other important global markets.
Pfizer has access to an anti-PD-L1 antibody already in clinical development with the ability to move quickly to joining ongoing studies and initiate, along with us, further anti-PD-L1 single agent and combination studies using oncology assets from the pipeline of both companies. For Pfizer this will expand the depth and breadth of their oncology portfolio, and move into the first wave of potential immuno-oncology based treatment regimens.
As part of the agreement, we will co-promote Pfizer's XALKORI® (crizotinib)1.

1 XALKORI® (crizotinib) is a registered trademark of Pfizer.
2014: Lupin
Strategic partnership with Lupin to selectively broaden our General Medicine portfolio in emerging markets

“We look forward to working with Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany] leveraging our established world-class formulation development, manufacturing, supply chain, and regulatory capabilities to produce a range of medications that meet local needs. This strategic partnership builds on the existing close collaboration between our two companies. We are delighted to enter into this alliance, which is an extension of our existing partnership into a much larger, multi-regional one.”

Vinod Dhawan, Group President, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, & Latin America at Lupin
Lupin supports us in the implementation of our General Medicines portfolio expansion initiative in emerging markets, addressing the local needs for affordable high-quality medicines, with first product launches expected in 2016, and with a focus especially on cardiovascular and diabetes diseases.
Lupin will provide us with product dossiers and supply finished products. We as marketing authorization holder, will leverage our strong commercial and medical teams in emerging markets to provide affordable high-quality medicines to patients through this alliance.
2014: MorphoSys
Strategic collaboration, complementing our immuno-oncology portfolio

“Therapeutic agents in the immuno-oncology field are set to transform cancer therapy, and we are delighted to collaborate in this area. We believe that our Ylanthia technology has the potential to provide truly differentiated antibodies against the targets that will be the subject of the collaboration. Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany]’s expertise in immuno-oncology, together with their strength in developing and commercializing therapeutic antibodies make them an ideal partner for MorphoSys.”

Dr. Simon Moroney, CEO of MorphoSys
In 2014, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany signed a collaboration agreement with Morphosys to discover and develop therapeutic antibodies against undisclosed immune checkpoint molecules with the aim to develop therapies that modulate the immune system’s natural ability to fight tumors. The collaboration complements and further expands our immuno-oncology portfolio.
Combining our extensive expertise in immuno-oncology with MorphoSys’ next-generation antibody technology provides a unique and exciting opportunity to rapidly generate novel therapies that aim to benefit cancer patients.
2014: Sutro
Collaboration and license agreement, to further enhance access to ADC technologies and to expand the oncology pipeline

“Our deal negotiations were consistently timely, constructive and collegial. Our scientific collaboration is off to a productive start and our research teams are working well together. We’re very excited by the opportunity we have to collaborate together to bring new medicines to patients.”

William J. Newell, CEO of Sutro Biopharma
Through this collaboration, we aim to discover and develop antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for multiple undisclosed targets utilizing Sutro’s cell-free protein synthesis platforms.
This is our second deal in 2014 to enhance access to ADC technologies and to expand our oncology pipeline. Exploring different opportunities will allow us to better understand the potential ADCs have in directly targeting cancer cells.
2014: Mersana
Collaboration and license agreement, aiming to discover and develop ADCs

“We look forward to working with Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany] to apply our proprietary platform technologies to rapidly develop and demonstrate preclinical proof-of-concept of several customized, novel ADC candidates.”
Dr. Timothy B. Lowinger, Chief Scientific Officer of Mersana Therapeutics
Through strategic partnerships, we have broadened our access to antibody technology platforms. In 2014, we entered into a collaboration with Mersana that allows us to explore the potential antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) have in directly targeting cancer cells.
Together, we aim to collaboratively develop multiple next-generation ADCs, leveraging Mersana’s Fleximer technology.
2014: Auxogyn
Exclusive License Agreement with Auxogyn for Eeva Test

“With this licensing agreement, Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany]’s established commercial expertise will accelerate the availability of the Eeva Test in key international markets and Auxogyn’s innovative test will continue to provide in vitro fertilization clinicians with valuable information that may improve patient outcomes.”
Lissa Goldenstein, President and CEO of Auxogyn
Auxogyn’s Eeva® (Eeva Early Embryo Viability Assessment) Test is a non-invasive diagnostic test used adjunctively to traditional morphology, and designed to provide objective embryo viability data to assist clinicians in improving in vitro fertilization patient outcomes.
We have received exclusive rights to commercialize the Eeva Test in Europe and Canada, with the option to extend to selected countries. Auxogyn retains the commercial rights to the Eeva Test in the United States.
The license agreement builds on a successful relationship between our two companies that was started in 2010 through an investment of MS Ventures, and supports our vision, as a world leader in fertility treatment, to develop and provide innovative products, devices and support services to help infertile couples at every stage of the fertility treatment cycle.
2013: BeiGene
Reinforcing our commitment to establishing strong R&D partnerships in China by entering into two agreements with BeiGene

“We are very much looking forward to expanding further our collaboration with Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany] to include BeiGene290. This collaboration helps to accelerate the global development and commercialization of this China-discovered oncology innovation, something BeiGene could not have achieved alone. Furthermore this deal and Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany]’s previous deal with BeiGene to develop the second generation, China-discovered BRAF inhibitor, BGB283, demonstrate Merck [KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany]’s deep commitment to China and external innovation.”

John Oyler, CEO of BeiGene
BeiGene is a preeminent China-based life sciences company focused on discovering and developing innovative oncology drugs. Our two agreements with BeiGene include:
  • The co-development and commercialization of the second generation, China-discovered and developed BRAF inhibitor (BeiGene283). BRAF inhibitors target a protein that is thought to promote cancer cell growth and is dys-regulated in a number of human cancers.
  • The co-development and commercialization of a PARP inhibitor (BeiGene290). PARP inhibitors are thought to target an enzyme family which is involved in a number of cellular processes, including DNA repair and programmed cell death.
2013 BayHelix Award for Alliance of the Year
Together with BeiGene we received the 2013 BayHelixElsevier Award for Alliance of the Year for the global licensing, co-development and commercialization agreement for BeiGene283.
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* Progyny, Inc. formed March 2015 is the combined entity of Auxogyn, Inc. and FertilityAuthority, LCC.


Philippe Lopes-Fernandes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Business Development & Alliance Management

"Our collaborations with external partners are an integral part of delivering our commitment to transform the lives of patients. We are proud of our track record of establishing strong collaborative relations with external partners, sharing complementary ideas, skills and capabilities to get new therapies to patients"

Philippe Lopes-Fernandes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Business Development & Alliance Management