EMD Serono, USA
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Department: Translational and Biomarker Research, Oncology Platform
Title: Scientist II
Start Date: January 2006 
Education and Career Path: Jamie received a B.S. in Biology from Suffolk University with a concentration in Molecular Biology. She continued her studies in a laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Following that, Jamie spent time working at a major health insurance company, where she learned how managed markets influences a patient’s access to healthcare.  In 2006, she joined EMD Serono as a member of the oncology research team.
What initially drew you to EMD Serono?
While conducting my job search, I felt it was important for find a research organization that focused on developing therapies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases with clear unmet medical need. I was very excited about the therapeutic areas that EMD Serono is involved with, and intrigued by the idea of cross-functional collaboration between these areas, potentially leading to the discovery of innovative new treatments for patients.
What do you like about working for this organization?
I enjoy that at EMD Serono there are many opportunities to learn about various aspects of the industry, from diverse functions on both the research and commercial side of the business.   I have also always appreciated that people here are open to hearing new ideas, regardless of where or whom they come from.  Those two factors make EMD Serono a great place to grow and become a well-rounded scientist. 
What makes EMD Serono unique?
I think the most important thing that differentiates this company from others is the people and culture.  The people at EMD Serono have a genuine passion for their work, and are motivated by the notion that what they do can make a difference for patients.  This is complimented by a positive culture, focused on teamwork and a “can-do” spirit - all of which make this a really great place to work.
What do you enjoy most about working as a researcher?
The best part of my job is knowing that what I do can have a direct effect and make a difference.  Being in a research department that is so intimately involved with the development phase of molecules, I can see fairly quickly the impact of my ideas and efforts on the path of projects.  This work can ultimately result in making therapies available to the patients who need them.


After working in an academic research lab and then in healthcare, Jamie knew that she ultimately wanted to work as a researcher in the biopharmaceutical industry.  She had a strong desire to see how her work was making a difference in people’s lives, and felt this field allowed for that. Jamie says her overall goal, which she recognizes as a life-long endeavor, is to see one of the projects she has contributed to “make it”, and become a new therapy available to patients. In the shorter term, she is very interested in drug development, particularly clinical trials, and would like to work in that area in the near future.