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Interacting with Healthcare Professionals and Organizations

Dan NMoynihan

At EMD Serono, we strive to create value and benefit to patients by transforming medical science into breakthrough solutions in our core therapeutic areas of neurodegenerative diseases, fertility, metabolic endocrinology, and the emerging areas of oncology and rheumatology.  With this mission as our core foundation, we conduct our business operations and interactions with healthcare professionals and organizations with absolute integrity, and ensure that EMD Serono complies with the laws and regulations that govern our industry with steadfast focus and attention.

We recognize the valuable role that physicians play in providing EMD Serono with insight, expertise and feedback in support of our mission.  Innovative science and discovery is the cornerstone of our success, and professional advice and expertise regarding medicines and how they work is essential to EMD Serono’s commitment to helping people living with serious conditions, such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Our values are the framework for how we do business.

As we operate with absolute integrity, our value of transparency guides us in our interactions with healthcare professionals.  EMD Serono’s initiative to track and disclose the value of meals, educational items, honoraria and professional fees and expenses that EMD Serono provides to physicians is evidence of our commitment to our company value of transparency.

We believe it is appropriate and ethical to fairly compensate healthcare professionals for the important work they conduct for EMD Serono.  We also believe it is important to share this information with the public--you- in order to provide you with greater confidence with respect to the nature of our financial relationships with physicians.

The public disclosure of EMD Serono's financial interactions with physicians and grant funding is in accordance with the company's Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The Corporate Integrity Agreement requires that EMD Serono report on its website an accessible and searchable listing of all physicians who received payments directly or indirectly from EMD Serono during the first quarter of 2011, and thereafter, provide quarterly updates of annual cumulative payments.

We encourage you to review this section of as it will provide current, relevant information regarding EMD Serono’s interactions with physicians, Continuing Medical Education and healthcare related charitable contributions.


Daniel Moynihan, Chief Compliance Officer, EMD Serono, Inc.


These reports include payments to healthcare professionals and related entities, Continuing Medical Education and charitable contributions.


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We established a comprehensive Compliance Program as a key component to deliver on our commitment to integrity