Patient Safety

Patient centricity means more than providing treatments; it includes ensuring patient safety. EMD Serono strives to exceed industry safety standards and regulations for the betterment of our patient community.

Drug Safety

At EMD Serono, patient safety is of utmost priority, which is why we have processes in place to monitor and assess the safety and risks of drugs across the research, development and commercial phases of a product lifecycle.

As part of this process, we encourage patients and their healthcare providers to report suspected side effects.

Reporting Adverse Events

US Product Surveillance Adverse Event Reporting
Tel: 1-800-283-8088 extension 5563
Fax: 781-681-2961


EMD Serono has several products that are approved for in-home, patient self-injection, which require the use of needles, syringes, injection devices, and lancets. These are known as “sharps,” and must be disposed of in the proper manner. It is important for patients and their caregivers to know how to manage sharps according to state and local disposal requirements. 

Used sharps must be handled carefully. They should be placed immediately in a sharps disposal container and thrown out separately from household trash and recyclables. You can check your local requirements at

For more information about the company's plans to support safe needle collection and disposal, please click on the injectable therapy below.

SHARPS – California Residents

SHARPS - Minnesota Residents