EMD Serono researchers strive to identify novel scientific opportunities that may translate into tangible value for patients living with serious unmet medical needs.

Vibrant Science to Advance Lives

We have a long history of integrating cutting-edge science and innovative technology to develop products and devices that meet the needs of patients living with difficult-to-treat diseases. Our long-standing legacy of making a difference to patients and their loved ones fuels our passion to invest further. In fact, we dedicate more than 20% of our global revenues to continued research and development (R&D) investment in oncology, immuno-oncology and immunology.

In recent years, we radically redesigned our R&D operating model, advancing our development and regulatory capabilities while refocusing resources on high-priority programs.

Today, our refocused pipeline is the strongest it has ever been, with more than 20 projects in clinical development focused on potential new oncology and immuno-oncology medicines in more than 15 difficult-to-treat tumor types, as well as investigational treatments for psoriasis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and other autoimmune diseases.

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An R&D Snapshot

  • 20

    projects in clinical development

  • 20%

    of global revenues
    dedicated to continued R&D

Our Commitment to Clinical Trials

We are committed to developing new medicines for patients impacted by difficult-to-treat diseases as safely and quickly as possible.

We believe the best way to fulfill this commitment is through clinical studies that evaluate whether the medicine works and is safe, which can lead to the medicine being approved and made available to the broadest number of patients possible.

From first-in-man administration to commercialization, we are pursuing clinical studies involving thousands of patients around the world. Our teams provide global support to achieve regulatory approvals, as well as post-approval and life-cycle management initiatives. Our Clinical Development operations range from early-stage to full clinical development management of the organization's clinical trials. In addition, our Medical Organization, which is focused on advancing scientific and medical knowledge, manages Phase IV studies and registries.

Because clinical studies depend on patient-volunteers, we encourage patients to consider participating in clinical studies. To search for actively recruiting studies or to learn about new experimental medicines being tested visit

Our Commitment to Improving Diversity & Inclusion in Clinical Trials
As we aspire to make a difference in the lives of patients, we are committed to conducting clinical trials that represent diverse patient populations by focusing on four key pillars. Click here to learn more about our commitment and strategy.

Post-Study Access to Experimental Medicine
We recognize that access to experimental medicine after a clinical study ends is often necessary for the continued health and well-being of patients participating in the studies. We also recognize that continued access may be a legal, regulatory and/or ethical obligation under some circumstances. Click here to read our Position Statement on Post-Study Access to Experimental Medicine. 

EMD Serono Clinical Trial Website

Clinical trial participants have a critical role in helping scientists find future treatment options. Click here to access the EMD Serono clinical trial website for patients and caregivers to obtain information about our clinical trials and the overall clinical research process, developed in line with our commitment to clinical trial transparency.

External Resources
If you are looking for more information or listings of clinical trials, you can follow these links:

Investigator Sponsored Trials

We also believe that Investigator Sponsored Studies play a valuable role in our development of new medicines. We welcome qualified investigators to submit their study ideas to us for consideration.

For submissions in the therapeutic area of Neurology & Immunology, please visit

For all other therapeutics areas, please visit

Early Access To Experimental Medicines

Although many patients may gain access to an experimental medicine during clinical studies, we understand that some patients may not be eligible or able to participate in a study. In certain circumstances, we may provide patients with access to experimental medicine outside the clinical study process via our Early Access program.

To get an overview of how early access works click here.

To search for actively recruiting early access studies click here and scroll down to select “Expanded Access: Available”. Additional search criteria may also be entered.

Requesting Early Access

If a physician wants to request one of our experimental medicines for a patient with a serious or life-threatening disease or condition the physician should send a request to

Before doing so, the physician should review our Position Statement on Early Access to Experimental Medicine, download the PDF here, which outlines the principles and criteria we use to evaluate all early access requests.

We will respond to requests within three business days.