Our Initiatives

We constantly seek opportunities to include the voice and experience of patients and caregivers in our work at EMD Serono.

How does it work?

The initiative brings EMD Serono teams together with patient and caregiver communities to exchange insights throughout the year, helping shape how we design and deliver healthcare.

Since 2017, patients, patient advocates and caregivers have been invited to provide input into EMD Serono’s strategy on a range of important topics, such as:

  • Diversity and inclusion in clinical trials
  • Clinical trial awareness
  • Communicating science to patients and family carers
  • Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Patient engagement in the digital age
  • How to better address patient needs through better medical education
  • Drug safety
  • And the information needs of patient organisations.

The Patient 360° initiative has helped us build a foundation of trust and regular dialogue with patients and family carers.

How has it changed?

The new Patient 360° Program will provide even more opportunities for relationship building and insight gathering, due to the higher frequency of engagements.  In turn this will facilitate greater trust and two-way communication with patient communities.

The program features a new methodology, which will allow us to better identify opportunities to act on the insights gathered and improve how we communicate and measure the impact of the actions taken for patients and caregivers. As a truly ‘circular’ process, the new framework will ensure a feedback mechanism to all stakeholders, including patient communities.

Whenever we begin to develop a new therapy, it is important to understand the patient experience and what it means to live with a particular disease. Patients and caregivers know best what it means to live with a disease, so we recognize the need to hear from them to learn about their perspectives and priorities.

When it’s time to test the safety and efficacy of a new therapeutic option, we aim to work closely with patients, caregivers and advocates to design clinical trials with their needs and experiences at the forefront.

To better communicate our findings, we offer to clinical trial participants easy-to-understand summaries of what we learn from the trials.

We strongly believe that this patient-focused drug development approach will help to benefit individual patients, patient communities, and public health.

Learn more about our commitment to patient-focused drug development.  

About the Program
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany launched Embracing Carers® in 2017 to improve the support and recognition of caregivers everywhere. Family members play a vital role in a patient’s daily life.

Guided and advised by the leading international caregiver organizations, Embracing Carers® is focused on improving caregivers’ health and wellness, while increasing awareness and support for them within healthcare systems around the world.

Through Embracing Carers®, we’ve learned so much about the vital role that families play in a patient’s daily life.

In an effort to understand and demonstrate the consequences of COVID-19 on caregivers, we initiated the Carer Well-Being Index in 2020. It identified the impact on economic, physical, and psychological well-being. The report compares experiences across 12 countries identifying possible paths to better support caregivers.

Learn more about the Embracing Carers® initiative.


If you would like to find out more about our patient-directed initiatives or if you are interested in collaboration opportunities, please contact us.